Planks & Wallpapers

Planks & Wallpapers

We provide wood-panelled wallpapers to transform your room and give it a warm and natural look. These wallpapers are easy to install and are available in various designs, colors and styles. Whether you want it for libraries, offices or your own rooms, we have the right wallpapers for you in our wallpaper shop in delhi. Give the area a wooden effect at low costs with our services.


Our Plank and wallpaper store in delhi provide flooring service using planks made out of natural wood that is specially designed to be installed on floors. They are available in various types of wood, colours and cuts to give you the flooring according to your taste. For finishing also we use natural drying oils made out of vegetables. This gives the floor a beautiful shiny look.


Vinyl planks are designed in such a way that they look like hardwood and give a natural wooden look. There are many styles of vinyl available according to different types of woods, from oak to hickory and many more. Vinyl is also available at reasonable prices and lets you give a natural look at lower prices than the actual wood.Plus point trading is well-known for good quality Planks and one of best wallpaper stores in delhi.


You can also get a customized floor for your home or office that goes with the rest of the design of the room. No matter what kind of floor you want, be it wood, carpet, tile, or whatever design and colour you want, we have it all. Moreover, we also provide an expert installation service at affordable prices. Give us a chance to be of service to you and you won’t regret it.

Fabric Back

We also provide the best quality fabric-backed vinyl wall covering (or wallpaper). These coverings are made out of extremely strong material that can endure any and all kinds of damages. Because of their resilience, these wallpapers can last for years without getting torn or faded. You can also wash them easily. We have various designs of wall coverings from traditional to the most modern ones to match the taste of all our clients.

Non- Woven

You can also avail our non-woven wallpapers that are extremely easy to install and can be removed whenever you want to. These wall coverings cannot be torn easily and are also light-weight, so it is great for public areas such as offices. Non-woven wallpapers are also washable and breathable, which means that no moisture gets locked up and this prevents mold.In our wallpaper services in delhi, you get customized and good quality non-woven wallpapers in the wide range of variety.
If you are looking for customized and variety of good quality wallpapers for office walls, home, gym, library, coffee shop, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, wallpaper service, textured wallpaper, wallpaper for home walls in delhi and wood planks then plus point trading is a best wallpaper shop in delhi you can visit.

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