Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles

Also known as carpet squares, this type of flooring is commonly used in place of rolled carpets. The tiles are made with an upper layer of pile, which is attached to a backing. They are available in several sizes, materials, fibres, patterns and colours. We provides best Carpet tiles service in Delhi NCR which is best for public buildings like airports, offices, schools, etc. We provide this flooring on all types of subfloors.

Wall to Wall Carpets

Wall to wall carpets are also known as carpet fitting which are meant to cover a floor completely. The length of the carpets is more than 4 metersng and it is generally installed with the help of a power-stretcher that can either be tubed or tubeless. This type of carpet does not allow air to escape and it also absorbs sound. It also prevents slips and cushions the falls, which makes it a great option if you have kids who like to run around.

Customized Carpets

We are carpet tile suppliers for customized carpet service to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. Our carpets can be dyed into a colour of your choice, so you can match it with the design of the room. Along with colours we can also apply beautiful and intricately designed borders for a clean finish. So the choice of carpet flooring is endless and goes as far as your imagination.

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