PVC Wall Panel

PVC Wall Panels are decorative coverings for walls that also offer insulation and sound-proofing while giving a uniform appearance. Since you don’t need to paint the walls after PVC panelling, it reduces the cost of construction to a large extent. They are walter-resistant and versatile, so they can be installed in houses, labs, offices and anywhere else that you need it.

PVC Ceiling Panel

PVC ceiling panels are widely used because they do not contain many additives or dangerous ingredients. These are also very easy to install and are cost-effective as well. Our PVC ceiling panels are durable and sturdy PVC ceiling panels, so once you have used them you will not have to change them for a long time, and their maintenance is also quite easy. We offer you the best pvc ceiling panels in Delhi.

Glass Films

Glass films enhance the look of windows and doors and are available in varying degrees of visibility through the glass. We provide a variety of decorative films to make your rooms and offices classier. They give you an expensive look without actually costing too much. There are many frosted and etched glass films available at different degrees of privacy.

Artificial Grass

In this artificial grass flooring, the floors are covered with synthetic fibres that give the look of natural grass. People have started using it everywhere from residential lawns to commercial applications. The reason is that it does not need a lot of maintenance and is also good for sporting areas. Your room will stay green and beautiful without any grooming or care. Most importantly, it feels really good to walk on.

HPL Cladding

HPL cladding is an extremely durable construction product used in balconies and facade claddings. These are made with layers of sheets of wood or paper fibre with a resin. They are bonded under high heat and pressure to give it strength and ability to withstand damage. We provide completely crack-resistant, durable and reliable HPL cladding in delhi.

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